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‘I felt the whole stupa was alive’


The first sighting of Borobudur was astonishing. I felt that the whole stupa was alive, seeing the molecules vibrating. I had actually experienced the same kind of vision when I first met Lama Gangchen. The image of his form was not sharp, but appeared naturally a little out of focus, like a mirage. That’s how I saw Him and that’s how I perceived Borobudur on first approach. At the very beginning I even found it a bit scary, because I could feel his inner power, impressive, magnificent and mysterious.
(This is a fragment of the story of Maria Cristina Quintili)


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Buddha’s Garden of Peace and Healing


A spiritual journey with Lama Gangchen through the flower-fields of love, compassion, harmony and joy

Karin Zwaan & Irene Zwaan

An accessible and informative book about Tibetan Buddhism. Touching stories and appealing examples show the value of this ancient philosophy for modern people.


About the book

…This book conveys over fifty spiritual tales of pilgrimage to the Borobudur stupa mandala. These personal stories are about travelling alongside Lama Gangchen, the meaning of the temple, the relationship with the surrounding environment, mystical experiences during retreats, the atmosphere of Borobudur, the power of healing, personal growth, the relationship with the guru and the path of Buddhist meditation. Many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism are presented in an accessible way… 

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Lama Gangchen

Lama Gangchen Rinpoche: “This book with experiences has a special quality: it has a healing power. One should read it three times or more. When you have some difficulty or a question, you can use it as a mo, an oracle: open the book at a random page and there you will find an answer.”

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New project with stories


When Prince Siddhartha left the protective walls of the palace for the first time he was shocked by the pain and suffering that people experience through birth, ageing, sickness and death. He started his quest for a solution. What he then discovered is still, 2500 years later, being practiced as Buddhism. The next book will be about this topic.


How does Buddhism help you?

For this new project we are collecting NgalSo experiences. How has Buddhism helped you? Do you want to share your story?
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