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Buddha’s Garden of Peace and Healing

A spiritual journey with Lama Gangchen through the flower-fields of love, compassion, harmony and joy

An accessible and informative book about Tibetan Buddhism. Over fifty touching stories and appealing examples show the value of this ancient philosophy for modern people.

Karin Zwaan & Irene Zwaan

October 2016 – Uitgeverij Aspekt
292 pages – with photo’s and illustrations

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Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

First copies for Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

Lama Gangchen received the first copies of the Borobudur books during a festive launch on October 14th, in his new meditation hall in Dalfsen, The Netherlands. During the event, Lama Gangchen said that the book can be used as a Mo, or an Oracle. You ask a question internally and open the book on a random page. Here you could find the answer to your question or the solution for your difficulty. He also stressed that reading and re-reading the experiences can be helpful. Maybe you could recognize yourself in a story, and therefore healing can take place.
That same day Tibetan monks put the finishing touches to a traditional Chenrezig sand mandala that was made in honor of the inauguration of the meditation hall, which can be seen as a fortunate and auspicious combination of conditions.


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A guide to enlightenment according to all Buddhist traditions

In the last few decades, the Tibetan Lama Healer T.Y.S. Gangchen Rinpoche has gradually shown that the stupa mandala is a guide for the path to enlightenment according to all Buddhist traditions, particularly for Tibetan Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. In the nineties, he has revealed the NgalSo SelfHealing meditation method, a traditional yet simple practice suitable for the restless minds of modern society. It is the key to accessing the elevated energy field of Borobudur. Since then, hundreds of pilgrims from all corners of the world travel each year with the special Lama Healer to Central Java, Indonesia, where they practice Self-Healing -performing mudras, mantras and meditation, while making the climb to the top of Borobudur. 

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