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Protective Wraps in School

Protective Wraps in School

Giving attention to children’s differences in formal education

Kitlyn Tjin A Djie & Irene Zwaan


Diversity in the classroom
Kitlyn Tjin A Djie & Irene Zwaan published a new book in the Protective Wrapping-series, this time specially for education.

“Protective Wraps in School” is a book (Dutch only) for education professionals about giving attention to children’s differences in formal education. What does a child who is “different” need to feel safe in the classroom? How can we create space for empathy and compassion in schools? What role does a teacher play in creating a pleasant, supportive and stimulating learning environment? These and other questions are conducted as well as Lama Gangchen’s ideas on Non-Formal Education.

Lama Gangchen wrote in his foreword: This book is an excellent contribution to encourage teachers to turn the multitude of social diversity and personal differences in schools into a constructive environment that goes beyond the teaching curriculum encouraging the formation of accepting, caring and open-minded individuals that can help to shape and build global peace and harmony.


Lecture Lama Michel in Amsterdam

Lama Michel received the first copy of “Protective Wrapping in Schools” at the presentation in Amsterdam on May 13 2015. To commemorate this event he gave a lecture about spiritality in daily life.

The lecture is available on Youtube. Click the image.


Protective Wrapping

Family therapist Kitlyn Tjin A Djie and sociologist/writer Irene Zwaan publish together and individually on social diversity issues in the Netherlands. www.beschermjassen.nl