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The Family Soul

How your history can be helpful on the path of your life

Kitlyn Tjin A Djie & Irene Zwaan

(Not available in English)


In the seventies, the Dutch turned their backs on their family background. People were longing for freedom instead of keeping their squeezing ties and compelling values. Now, almost half a century later, the family interest is once again in society. There are more and more books being published about family histories. And there are many television shows with people looking for their origins.

This is for a good reason. After all, families carry wisdom that can be used on the path of one’s life. In your family and its history you can find the support needed in difficult circumstances and during vulnerable times. But how do you mobilise this family wisdom?
It is crucial to understand how your family is organised and what foundation it is built upon. What is the history of your family, what events in the past have influenced the present and what are the opinions and values that cannot be discussed?
This book tells many touching and recognisable family stories, which help the reader to understand his own family. It explains theory and gives practical tools that can help you to discover what ‘inspires’ your family.



Irene Zwaan wrote The Family Soul together with family therapist Kitlyn Tjin A Djie.
They have been cooperating in many projects since 2004 and they wrote various books and articles, mainly for professionals. This is their first joint work for a broader audience.
When Irene and Kitlyn visited Nico Smith, a healer, meditation teacher and student of Lama Gangchen, to interview him for this book, they were seated on the terrace in his garden next to the pond. During the interview, a white water lily opened, like a lotus flower, as if to subscribe the importance of this book.
A couple of weeks later, Lama Gangchen visited Holland and he spontaneously offered to write the foreword to this book. For this we will be forever grateful.