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NgalSo Buddhism

In NgalSo Buddhism the original Tibetan traditions and practices are integrated and processed into a method that suits modern society. It came to be from a direct lineage from teacher to teacher, since the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. In Europe, NgalSo Buddhism is promoted by our teacher, the Tibetan Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, together with the lineage holders Lama Michel Rinpoche and Lama Caroline.



Lama Gangchen Rinpoche was born in Tibet in 1941. He was recognised at an early age to be a reincarnate Lama healer and was enthroned at Gangchen Choepeling Monastery at the age of five, where he started his studies. In 1963, he went into exile to India where he continued his studies and work as a Lama healer.
In 1983, Lama Gangchen came to live in Europe where he developed the NgalSo tantric Self -Healing. This practice integrates tantric teachings and meditations from Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in an accessible way for westerners.
Lama Gangchen settled in Italy where he established a meditation centre and built a temple. The centre offers daily practices and organises many retreats and courses. Moreover, Lama Gangchen travels all over the world to visit sacred places, as well as to support humanitarian projects, to teach and to spread his message: ‘Inner peace is the most solid foundation for world peace.’


Lama Michel Rinpoche was born in 1981 in Brazil. He was recognised by Lama Gangchen as a Tulku, incarnation of a high Tibetan Buddhist master. Lama Michel chose to be born in South America, so he could connect the eastern wisdom with the western world. When he was only twelve years old, he went to India to live and study in a monastery. Nowadays he lives in Italy, and like Lama Gangchen he travels all over the world to teach. Lama Michel is known for his crystal-clear and profound teachings on Buddhist philosophy.



Lama Caroline was born in 1965 in England. During her studies she found that western science was too conceptual and limited to explain reality. She began to study Gelugpa Buddhism and met Lama Gangchen. He recognised her as Lama Dorje Kanyen Lhamo, one of the two lineage holders of NgalSo teachings. Nowadays she is the chief editor of Lama Gangchen Peace Publications. She performs historical research, writes books with Lama Gangchen and teaches about different aspects of Tibetan Buddhism.


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New project with stories


When Prince Siddhartha left the protective walls of the palace for the first time he was shocked by the pain and suffering that people experience through birth, ageing, sickness and death. He started his quest for a solution. What he then discovered is still, 2500 years later, being practiced as Buddhism. The next book will be about this topic.


How does Buddhism help you?

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